That’s a powerful statement so why then have GenerationX - those aged between 35 and 50 - been overlooked by the majority of marketers and businesses? To understand that you need to know a little of the GenX backstory.

GenX has have been labelled ‘slackers’, the ‘lost generation’ and ‘latch-key kids’; they didn’t even have an official title until Douglas Coupland’s GenerationX: Tales for an Accelerated Culture published in 1991. Often considered as being less tech-savvy, ‘cool’ and ‘exciting’ than Millennials they have, and remain, largely ignored.

Numbers also play a part, sandwiched as they are between the larger cohorts of the Millennials and Boomers. But while Millennials make up 30% of total adults – compared to 25% for GenX - they hold only 18% of total income; GenX holds 31%.

Combine that with GenXers brand loyalty – the highest of any group – and their decision making power both at home, and work, and you have a very attractive potential market when approached in the right way.

To target and engage with GenX you need to fully understand them. MyGeneration generational marketing consultancy are experts who use our knowledge of GenX to support businesses in building relationships with these highly influential potential customers.

From consultancy and advice on tailoring your current activities to delivering full campaigns; if you want to drive engagement with GenX, get in touch and let’s talk about MyGeneration.